Saturday, June 4, 2011

Come back.....

Come back those sweet days

Days of rejoice

When world’s most pricy gift was

Chocolates given by dad

Most secure place was

Mummy‘s lap….

Punishment means going school…..

And heavy school bag ……

Only task was doing homework

Party means playing in the park….

Battle of Troy was

Fighting with bro n sis

Ultimate winning was snatching their toys

Bravery was breaking them in piece….

Drawing on newly painted wall

Was unique hobby

Scolding of neighbor’s

Was like a trophy……

Longest waiting used to be

Birthday and birthday gift…

Source of pampering was…

Getting clap and cards in the class ….

Oh I miss those days……

Sharing Tiffin …..

And throwing toffee treats….

Best mates

My life’s golden page….


  1. The rhythmic lines of memories are like sailing paper boat in rain as a flash back, I reached in my childhood and melodious memories sparked for a while……Great simplicity in your work. For me poetry is a wave that can sensitize you throughout your boundaries of emotion and you are able to feel those poetic lines in you.

  2. thank u for encouraging me with such nice and beautiful word...ur blessing is my inspiration..if a poet like you says this worthy to read that means i am on good track